Welcome to the Indigo Rose!

One mistake.
One clever trap that our sensors didn't pick up.
One massive explosion.

The Autarch, speaking for the signatories of the Alrakis Pact, and backed by the combined military might of the Breen, the Talarians, the Tzenkethi and the Ravagers, told Federation personnel to leave the Inconnu Expanse and they did. We didn't get the message and the ship providing over watch for our mission? Well, they thought we were dead.

We found a freighter and made it off that rock we were supposed to die on only to be captured by Breen at a ramshackle station where the locals tried, unsuccessfully, to get on with their lives and stay out from under the thumb of the Alrakis Pact signatories. So, here we go again.

Bad to worse.
The Breen think we're slaves.
We're really not.

Indigo Rose is a Star Trek simulation (Roddenbery not Abrams) that focuses on the lives and adventures of a Starfleet Marine Special Operations team stranded in hostile space. The premise is simple. Get their data back to Federation space. Get home. Interested parties are encouraged and welcome to submit an application (a sample post is required). One of the unique aspects of this sim is that, should the action stall (ever been stuck writing in a transporter room for a real-time month while everyone gathered?), actions will occur to shake things up ... right up to capture and imprisonment. So take a look around, drop by and visit us on Discord, and if you are looking for a different sort of a challenge, send in your bio.

Latest News Items

» Monthly Report - February 2019

Posted on Sat Mar 2nd, 2019 @ 4:00am by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn in General News

For those who don't know, as a Captain in Bravo Fleet, I'm required to report on the sim's progress every month. Its a way for the senior staff (you know, the Admiralty) to see how we're doing and also, how they can help. So, since I write the report every month, it finally occurred to me that its right to share all of this with you, the players. So, here we go:

Been an interesting month. An event timer went off during our last mission and that resulted in our capture and imprisonment in a Breen Mining Facility. That means that the freighter, Indigo Rose, has been destroyed and new transportation will need to be found ... along with plotting a cunning escape.

Sim Statistics:

Last Month:
6 Players
28 Posts
Average: 4.67/player

This Month:
8 Players (2 Non-Active)
27 Posts
Average: 3.38/player

Parker and Tyler both resigned this past month and Harm Talon is on ELOA (non-responsive). On the positive side, we have two new players -- Valentina de Rossi (yeah! a doctor!) and Rory Farinno (soon to be our scrounger). Joey Walker joined at the end of last month but this is his first month posting with us.

Player of the Month:
Congratulations to Lance Corporal Joseph Walker for becoming Indigo Rose's Player of the Month for February 2019. The nature of the sim requires some creativity with respect to introducing a new character. For Joey, that meant being the only member of his team to escape capture by the Breen leading to survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress. The introduction forms a basis for an interesting personal story-line. So many players prefer wooden perfection. Characters that smile and nod about everything and shake off horrors as though they were nothing. I respect that Joey's writer chose a realistic response and intends to let that fuel his actions going forward.

And since we didn't have a report last month, congratulations also to Lance Corporal Jonis Shakaar for becoming not only Indigo Rose's Player of the Month for January 2019 but also for becoming Task Force 72's Player of the Month for January 2019. Awards will be added to the bio (once I figure them out, that is).

About the Website:
I will be changing the specifications and deck listing this month since we no longer have the freighter. We're going to need a few NPCs that stay with the ship and actually know something about running a ship. I've created two for the current story-line and I'm thinking that at least one of them will remain with the ship which means I have to get a bio started. And oh yes, that reminds me -- if anyone is interested in writing a civilian or Starfleet PNPC, please get in touch.

At the moment, we have no 2IC and since I nearly always have bad luck with XOs, I'm reluctant to name anyone to the position. Basically, I want someone who is actually willing to do the work as well as hold the position. If you're interested, here's what's needed:

-- posts regularly (and does not disappear)
-- willing to help move the story along
-- helps behind the scenes with mission planning and recruiting, etc.
-- experience preferred (be willing to talk about the other places you sim in BF)
-- positive attitude

With only six active players, we are recruiting. I'm posting advertisements and I would encourage everyone to spread the word. If you know someone who's looking, send them our way. Being stuck in a Breen mine is a great (and fun) way to introduce new crew members.

Have a great month and I'll see you back here next month.

» End of Mission Report

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 3:41pm by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn in General News

End of Mission Report

Mission: First Steps
Started: 16 November 2018 (sim opening date)
Ended: 6 January 2018
Mission Timer: 18 January 2018 (not used)
Posts: 43
Top Three
Posters: 1 - Remy Zahn
2 - Ridge FastHorse
3 - Parker Bray

First mission is completed. Awesome job everyone. We ended 12 days short of the event timer (and yes, there was one) which means a clean getaway. We are picking up two new players: one will be on the station and the other is working on their bio as we speak.

If you have any JPs left over, they will automatically move to the new mission so nothing is lost. And because I don't think that anyone can survive a bomb blast of that magnitude without some damage, be it emotional, mental or physical, everyone is hereby awarded "Bomb Survivor". Those who posted as having physical damage will also receive a "Purple Heart" (and if you were hurt and I missed it somehow, just reach out and I'll take care of it).

We're now beginning our second mission, Will Work for Food.

The current situation: we're on board an unnamed freighter. We have fuel for maybe a month, less if we push it, but food is going to run out well before that. There's a laundry on board (think sonic shower but for clothes) and that's a good thing because you have the clothes you were wearing and whatever you can scrounge out of the pile of clothes that were found on Parker and Remy's last sweep. So, two outfits at best. Obviously we're going to need supplies but the coin that Remy found won't be nearly enough to cover what we should have which means barter and thus, the mission title.

We are about to arrive at Ladron Station and Remy is holding a final briefing over breakfast to discuss what happens next. Everyone has had time to sleep, get cleaned up, and find clothes. I'd like to get us onto the station as quickly as possible so that we can (finally) get Zadra involved (hint-hint).

Anyways, awesome job everyone.

Latest Mission Posts

» Hastily Laid Plans

Mission: Leave One Wolf Alive ...
Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2019 @ 3:29pm by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn & 1st Lieutenant Valentina De Rossi MD & Sergeant Valen & Lance Corporal Joseph Walker & Zadra Losal

There had been an armory on the ship with weapons. He left them where they were; something like that would cause an immediate panic, of that he had no doubt, but plans were already germinating in his head as he returned to the patch of dirt and thin pallet that…

» End of a Long Day (Part 2)

Mission: Leave One Wolf Alive ...
Posted on Mon Apr 8th, 2019 @ 3:58pm by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn & 1st Lieutenant Valentina De Rossi MD & Sergeant Valen & Lance Corporal Joseph Walker & Zadra Losal


"Zadra, you and Valen be ready to go." Remy looked over at Rory, noting his appearance, and the food he was carrying. "Rory, you and Valentina, see what you can do about sharing that food, especially with some of the weaker ones. Shakaar, you and Joey are in charge…

» End of a Long Day (part 1)

Mission: Leave One Wolf Alive ...
Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2019 @ 12:13am by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn & 1st Lieutenant Valentina De Rossi MD & Sergeant Valen & Lance Corporal Joseph Walker & Zadra Losal

End of Shift

Zadra was a little tired, and had managed to build up a little sweat, she was debating about taking a shower. She had remember what Remy had say, to stay close together, especially near Shakaar. She would wait till a lot of the other personal were taking…

» Lifting and Cussin'

Mission: Leave One Wolf Alive ...
Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 4:57am by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn

After awhile, the mind drifts. Or maybe it would be fairer to say that Kels' mind drifted while doing menial work to any number of things that he seldom shared. And because his mind had drifted, his grip slipped and the chunk of ore he was lifting fell, narrowly missing…

» Moment Aside

Mission: Leave One Wolf Alive ...
Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2019 @ 12:34am by Captain Remigius "Remy" Zahn & Zadra Losal

Remy walked over to Zadra and, with a subtle jerk of his head, motioned for Shakaar to give them some room. He sat down beside her on an uncomfortable but reasonably flat piece of rock and suppressed the grunt as bruised muscles protested his actions. It wasn't bravado; it was…